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1 a symmetrical arrangement of the parts of a thing
2 any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline); "he could barely make out their shapes through the smoke" [syn: shape, form, configuration, contour]
3 acting according to certain accepted standards [syn: conformity, compliance, abidance] [ant: disobedience, nonconformity]

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  1. The act of conforming; the act of producing conformity.
  2. The state of being conformed; agreement; hence; structure, as depending on the arrangement of parts; form; arrangement.


the act of conforming; the act of producing conformity
  • Hungarian: alkalmazkodás
the state of being conformed; agreement; hence; structure
  • Hungarian: alakzat, szerkezet, struktúra

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wiktpar conformation Conformation generally means structural arrangement.
In science, it may refer to:
In animal breeding, it may refer to:
  • Conformation show, a show where judges evaluate individual dogs for how well they conform to published breed standards
  • Conformation point, a generalized list of items sometimes found in the Breed standard of an individual dog breed. Not normally used in this manner.
  • Equine conformation, the proportions of a horse's body in relation to one another
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